When Homer single-handedly destroys the lake of Springfield causing it to be encased by EPA inside a large dome, sets off to save the community. The movie starts when Lisa was able to convince the community to save their lake and pushing the people to start cleaning it up and protecting it.

Then here comes Homer with his “pig ” silo and dumps it all in the water causing mutation and destruction to the environment. EPA seeing this encloses Springfield in a glass dome to which the Simpsons escape from. With them out with no home and money Homer then decides to live in Alaska to get away from all the people trying to find them and spring field who blames him for their current situation. While in Alaska they then find out the plan of destroying Springfield together with all the people living in it.

Watch as the whole family tries to save their hometown which will ultimately lay in the hands of Homer Simpson.

This is one hell of a funny movie!! This must be the funniest movie I have watched so far this year ( I guess this year is for action movies). The animation was quite the same as the TV series however it had some computer rendered stuff also which was needed to make it a bit unique. The movie plot wasn’t that different also from the TV formula of having different openings then jumping into another story. Must commend the writers as they really thought of the story.

The storyline was really funny. With the exception of Marge who had the least part in the story, everyone of them had something that can be followed. The antics and comedy of The Simpsons really still lies in the stupidity of Homer, he’ll surely make you laugh in this one. For me, he is probably the heart of the whole cartoon hahaha!!

It’s a must see movie for me (as I followed series ever since) and won’t waste your money. You will surely laugh with this one even if you haven’t followed the cartoon series =) Happy Viewing!

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