How to Encourage your Child to be Interested in Music

When Hyzyd was still less than a year old, he showed interest on drums. It’s because he always saw his dad playing the drum set in church every Sunday. There were times that during the Praise and Worship service, he would ran to the stage just to bang the drums with his dad. We even came to the point of deciding whether to buy or wait a little longer for an excellent drum kit at musicians friend to start drum lessons for Hyzyd.

That interest on drums seemed to lessen when he started preschool and when we acquired iPad. That’s why I’m asking you “How do you encourage your child to be interested in music?” As parents we played a vital role in harnessing the gifts and talents of our kids, right. Well, here are simple ways I squeezed on our hectic schedule to stimulate Hyzyd’s interest on music as general:

  1. Sing to him.
  2. Dance with him.
  3. Teach him action songs.
  4. Let him watch on Youtube good children’s TV shows that can help introduce my child to music. This is a wonderful way of teaching him the significance of music in our world.
  5. Start teaching him how to play drums c/o his dad:)


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